9 Reasons As To Why I Became A Vegetarian

When I told my mom that I wanted to be vegetarian, she told me this:

“Honey, if you want to lose weight, just don’t eat too much. Eat slowly and little by little. You don’t have to cut meat out of your diet. You know, I had a friend before. For four years, she didn’t eat rice or meat, only vegetables. Look where she is now? She’s got breast cancer.”

But the thing is, I didn’t want to become a vegetarian simply because I wanted to lose weight. I don’t think my mother had been paying attention to what I’ve been saying for years, because I have talked about this for years and she just thinks I’m in it to lose weight. No, it’s much more than that.

1. I don’t want to eat animals anymore. I like frequenting animal documentaries a lot, and I couldn’t even watch the whole thing because I would be crying and too traumatized to watch more. If I wanted to lose weight, I would just stop eating in general. But this isn’t about my weight. It’s about living my life guilt-free.

2. It’s horrifying to know how another innocent life was killed just to satisfy yours. If we lived in a reverse world, we would be the ones who would be drowned in scalding hot water. We would be the ones skinned alive while others watched on helplessly. We would be the ones cramped in tiny little cages, fed until our legs could no longer function. But then again, that’s already happening. Why? Because you are what you eat.


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3. “They won’t feel a thing anyway.” If it’s alive, it can feel. We’re just killing, torturing, and raping numerous intelligent animals just to entertain and-or feed another advanced animal. The only difference between us is that we can walk on two legs. Other than that, we’re all basically the same.

Animals Feel Pain

4. “It’s the circle of life.” Yes, it is, but there is no excuse for testing chemicals on animals and scarring them for the rest of their lives. We can easily be taken over by the animal kingdom if they wanted, but I guess that’s the reason the human race is so intent on killing them off, huh?

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5. What would this world be without the animals that we’re killing off? It would just be composed of a bunch of obese killers who no longer have anything to kill. Oh, you have a lion’s head on your wall? Congratulations, you killed a magnificent creature just for entertainment.

Take Action for Cecil the Lion!

6. The less meat, the longer you live. It is a known fact that vegans and-or vegetarians live longer and healthier than most people who aren’t. Not only are you stating that you support animal rights, but you are getting rid of unwanted cholesterols and other unnecessary calories that could’ve been a detriment to your health.

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Why do vegetarians live longer?

7. There are a lot of healthier substitutes. Don’t want to cut out certain things from your regular diet because you think that you won’t be able to get the proteins, vitamins, etc. in a normal vegetarian/vegan diet? There are actually a lot of substitutes for said things.

21 Foolproof Vegan Recipe Substitutes

Meat, Egg, and Dairy Alternatives

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8 Simple Egg Replacements

6 Vegan Cream Replacements

8. You’ll be able to broaden your culinary skills. In my household, it’s pretty normal for us to make the things that most people usually buy at the store at home. We make our peanut butter, bread (traditional white bread and sour dough), sriracha, donuts, you name it! And let’s face it, if you go out into town to eat, vegan/vegetarian meals usually cost more than the average meal, but you can always make it at home! Plus, it’s cheaper.

Vegetarian Burgers

9. You would make a great role model. Most kids love animals, but wouldn’t it crush their little hearts knowing that they ate the things that they love? I personally would try and raise my children as vegetarians/vegans as much as I could, and if you are a (vegetarian/vegan/supporter of animal rights) parent, please do not encourage your children to participate in certain activities that translates into torture and-or abuse for other animals. If you take a look at PETA, there are a lot of cases wherein numerous zoos have committed violent acts upon their captive animals, no matter what age.

Help The Elephants at Southwick’s Zoo

Seaworld of Hurt

Thank you for reading my post for today and I hope I helped you in some way. Have a great day!



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