The Perfect Brand for Vegatarians/Vegans

Obviously, as a teenage girl, this section was bound to happen. Of course, I can’t really consider myself an animal-lover if I didn’t use cruelty-free products to apply to my face, right?

Well, lucky for me, I had found a brand that not only produced cruelty-free products, but also provided no harmful chemicals. Two benefits in one go!

I had found this brand a little over three months ago, when I was browsing through the internet when I remembered this brand name but never really go around to doing any research about it. And so I finally decided to go and take a look at it and was immediately hooked. I fell in love with this brand for numerous reasons:

  • For certain products, your money goes towards a certain charity organization (from helping the poor in rural areas, to promoting breast-cancer awareness!).
  • Most of their products promote self-confidence and self-loving.

“We do not offer any whitening products because we believe every Filipina is beautiful in their own skin!”

  • Pro-poor, Pro-Philippines, Pro-Environment – Donates to those in need, Love your own country (because it was made by a Filipina for Filipinos), and Save the world while you’re at it!
  • Their products are generally safe for all ages, and they contain no harmful chemicals that will not damage the environment. They have a special kind of sunblock (at an affordable price!) whereas you can enjoy your time in the sun and bring no harm to the ocean!
  • The products themselves work wonderfully! They have enticing scents and don’t feel irritating at all, unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients.
  • They have a special place for your pets, too, so definitely cruelty-free. Check out the story on how their Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo was developed and how it’s a better option for your dogs!
  • Rest assured that your information is safe – I’ve been using it for months and I’ve yet to be disappointed!
  • Guilt-free products at a reasonable price.

HHN is honestly the best company I have ever decided to invite into my life. My skin has never felt better and all my scars that weren’t disappearing when treated with expensive medications are fading away with their SBO that I’ve been using regularly to this day.

But this wouldn’t be a beauty section if I didn’t include which products I actually use from this brand, right? Well, I’ll tell you right now.

Please excuse my photography skills (or lack there of), I only have my phone to shoot with.

11830344_1648934112010515_1990550537_n 11844214_1648934105343849_1774346605_n

  1. My daily (and nightly) routine. Like every other girl, I have a routine. I scrub my face with my facial wash, I brush my teeth, I rinse my face, I tone, then I moisturize. And I get on with the day. And on good nights I put my hair into a braid and go to sleep. But before I go to bed, I dab on some Sunflower Oil on my eyelashes and under my eyes (because Sunflower Oil is notorious for getting rid of those pesky eye bags and for making your eyelashes healthier).
  2. As for my makeup… well, I haven’t really found any cruelty-free makeup brands (I don’t use the makeup products that HNN manufactures so HNN is a no-no). So, if you’d like to leave a suggestion, I’d greatly appreciate it and I’ll check it out! Also, tell me what products you use. Have a great day!

Note: This will get updated soon. Don’t worry.

PS: If you want to fully check out all of the products of HNN, I suggest going to the Philippine store first. Then when you’re ready, just switch back to your country to order.



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