Day 3 Of Going Vegetarian

I cannot stress the fact that I grew up around meat-lovers enough to realize that yes, everyone already knows, and no, nobody really cares. But I just thought of doing this post because I’ve realized how hard it really is to be a vegetarian among meat-lovers. Not only for me, but for the others around me as well.

From the moment we stepped into the mall, my mother got hungry. She asked me if I was hungry as well, and I was because I didn’t get to eat any breakfast (we left ten minutes after I woke up), but I wasn’t hungry for any of the food that the mall had to offer. The fast food joints only offered meat-based products and, although I wasn’t tempted, I was feeling queasy.

So my mother asked us to sit down while she went around and looked for a vegetarian restaurant and-or stall. I was hungry, but I knew how much of an inconvenience it was for both my parents to have to look for something completely different out of the usual variety that they get. So I told my mom that I wasn’t hungry, but she didn’t listen. She went looking around for something that I could eat anyway.

So I sat down, fiddling with my phone and trying to distract myself from paying attention to the rumbling of my stomach. Minutes later my mother came back, a serving of something in her hands. “Vegetarian pizza,” she said as she placed it down in front of me. I opened the lid and sure enough, there was no meat. And it was delicious. So I ate that while my parents ate their own meat platters.

When we were shopping, I noticed that the bottom basket was just filled with fish and meat. I scrunched up my nose but didn’t say anything. It was my choice to be vegetarian and I wasn’t going to force my family to do the same. So I gathered up some fruit and vegetables for myself and went on quietly.

IMG_9079  IMG_9080

I had been browsing through the internet for different vegetarian substitutes and homemade dog food recipes when I stumbled upon an article about Brambles, who was a 27 years old Labrador, I believe, who may be the oldest living dog – all because her thoughtful owner, Anne Heritage, 43, decided to raise her pooch up with the same vegan diet regime she herself follows.

I was considering turning my 7 years old Shih Tzu, Queenie, vegan as well, but I might’ve been pushing the boundaries if I’d brought up the subject to my parents. Besides, Queenie loves meat, so I don’t think she would agree with me either. I suppose I’ll just have to stick with my own diet then.

Photo 8-3-15, 12 48 23 AM
As you can see the quality is quite awful because she wouldn’t stay still until she was in my arms so I had to use the front camera.

I wanted my pooch to live as long as she could, and I really only wanted the best for her. I was going to switch to an all-natural shampoo for her but my mother declined my request and told me to wait until her current shampoo ran out. Then she proceeded to buy a bar of soap for her as well.

Queenie loves milk. A lot. But I was never able to give her some because my father disliked it whenever I used the milk that was meant to be consumed by us. Until, of course, I saw this.


I just couldn’t not buy it. And my mother seemed to agree with me, since she insisted that we buy it even after I told her that we would get an earful from dad. But nonetheless, we got her the milk, beef jerky (I did not approve of this but it was Queenie’s, not mine), treats, and kibble she deserved.

But the moral of this post is: Being a vegetarian is indeed harder than I first thought it would be.

Throughout the day, I was feeling incredibly nauseous and my dad said that it was because I’d gone too long without any meat, but I didn’t pay any attention to what he said. So we continued to go shopping and went home.

By the time we got home I was feeling worse than I felt before. I was craving meat but I managed to control myself and not eat anything. Thinking that it was because I was hungry, I ate an apple. But it wasn’t. I still felt nauseous.

My dad and I bought some garbanzo beans and some sesame seeds because I’d told him before about how I wanted to make some hummus. I had tasted hummus before, and I liked it, so I asked dad to make it again.

What a horrible mistake that was.

Now, as you may or may not know, hummus typically consists of tahini, garbanzo beans, olive oil (or something like that), and garlic. I was excited to finally have something to eat, but by the time it was done, I was already regretting ever asking for it.

It smelled horrible and it tasted horrible as well. We had added a little bit of sriracha and some lemon juice and gosh, it was awful. I didn’t like the taste of tahini. I didn’t like the hummus in general. But, seeing as I was the one who asked for it in the first place, I gave it a chance and made a horrid wrap, with no intention of ever eating hummus ever again.

I’ll be able to eat rice later anyway. Anything to get that taste out of my mouth. Now excuse me while I go drink more of my grape-cranberry juice.



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