Cecil the Lion

I’m probably long overdue with this topic already, but I just wanted to share this with you all.

Last night, I had a conversation with a close friend of mine. I brought up the topic of Cecil the Lion, and I had used this opportunity to tell someone what I really thought about the whole situation, because she was the only one that could actually listen to what I was saying without saying “what?” or nothing at all.

“It’s nice that people think it’s wrong and are standing up for him, but I just find it weird that they’re perfectly alright with the slaughter of other animals (cows, chickens, turkeys, and such) and are perfectly alright with eating them.”

We all know that social media has played a big part in many other controversies, like the Sandra Bland controversy. When something is started by someone else and it becomes popular, many can’t help but copy and stand for the same rights. And it truly is wonderful to see so many people standing up for Cecil, however, I can assure you that at least 60% of these people would gladly go and munch on some bacon afterwards.

But my point is: how are some of these people alright with the slaughter of other animals for food?

My father told me that it was actually a good thing that Cecil was killed, because he would’ve eaten other endangered animals otherwise. And yes, he could’ve. But the difference here is that Cecil was killed, he didn’t die. If he were to die naturally, then yes, it would’ve been fine. But to be hunted down when he didn’t even pose a threat is something entirely different.

But cows, chickens, and turkeys were meant to be raised and eaten.

No. No, they were not. Just because they can be eaten does not mean they should. We were the ones who decided their fate, even when we have no right to do so. Cows, chickens, and other farm raised animals should not be slaughtered inhumanely. They should at least be given some form of respect, because that’s something that the human race lacks nowadays – whether it be animals or people of different race and-or age, showing respect to one another is something that can rarely be found.

But the nature preserve shouldn’t even allow anyone to step foot on the land, because no matter what, humans are meant to alter nature in some way. And you can’t expect people you allowed onto the nature preserve to not do what that dentist had done. It’s bound to happen because humans are hunters and-or gatherers. You would’ve thought that since we evolved, we would’ve gone past that. But our cruelty to animals has only gotten more advanced. We have machinery that specializes in that – heck, we have business industries dedicated to that.

It’s just a lion.

Yes, it’s just a lion. But I bet most of you wouldn’t be able to react the same way if it had been a dog, a cat, or any other domestic animal we’ve come to love and cherish. If it was a human, people would judge that person harshly and commend them to death. Why? Because they’re the same species. But had it been another, nobody would bat an eyelash. That’s speciesism. Make it stop.

We do not have the right to decide the fate of other intelligent creatures. And if we really can’t stop the slaughtering of these creatures, at least make it so that they aren’t treated as some expendable things and actually take care of them humanely, even when they’re to be put to death soon enough. Throwing unwanted creatures into pits filled with corpses of other animals while they’re alive is not humane. No one should go through that.

Just because we learned how to make and use fire does not mean we are superior in any way. Yes, we survived for years living on the cooked meat of these creatures, but I bet you if technology suddenly ceased to exist the animal kingdom would take out 90% of us. Because we think we’re superior because of a few machines.

I’m actually so disgusted with myself knowing that up until recently I was actually supporting these terrible industries who only want to make money out of their cruel acts against such innocent creatures. I actually cannot stomach the thought of my stomach being a tomb for these creatures. And maybe I’m a hypocrite for saying so, but at least I came through at the end.

Humans, in one way or another, are also animals. We can’t say we are superior when there are people who can’t even live without the support of their parents, whereas there are numerous other species that are immediately separated from their mothers after birth, and are able to grow up on their own to complete the cycle once more.

No, the animal kingdom is not at all magnificent. They partake in violent acts as well, such as gang rape, rape in general (contrary to popular belief, butterflies do rape other butterflies. A male (sometimes four) waits for a female to emerge and they then each take their turn to rape her. Find out more here.), and murdering just for fun (felines, mostly domestic cats, usually partake in this act).

But that’s just some of the many similarities they have with the human race. The first thing that most people do when they see something magnificent is to either destroy it, kill it, or claim it as theirs. But animals are not just some trophy you can have on your walls, or some decoration you can have in your house. They are intelligent creatures that – when given the chance or pushed too far – will overtake us.

And I am honestly so disgusted with some zoos. Yes, there are those that truly do care for the animals that are within their care. But I have discovered that a majority of them torture and abuse their already captured animals (with cow prods, bull hooks, and more) – and parents, sometimes unaware and sometimes not, support this!

A word of advice: before you bring your child to a zoo, please do some research about the place first. You could be saving someone’s life by doing this.

I’d like to hear your thoughts about this, so please leave a comment down below! Have a great day!

Ban kwana,


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