Because what’s more interesting than a girl you’ve never met before?

Absolutely everything.

  • Slowly (hopefully) becoming a vegetarian.
  • I’m usually a nice person until you actually get to know me.
  • I do prefer books over movies but in no way do I think that people who read the book before they watch the movie is considered cool or hip by any means. You read the book, we get it, you have eyes. Congrats.
  • I hate birthday parties. I hate repetitive things in general.
  • I like to travel a lot but I hate going through security (doesn’t everybody?).
  • People say I am a female dog for stating my opinions and being honest about what I think. Because apparently honesty is a bad thing.
  • “I thought you hated me,” is a sentence I have heard from numerous people.
  • Contrary to popular belief, I actually can live without my phone. It’s my laptop that matters the most to me.
  • How I act solely depends on how you treat me. I could be your best friend one minute and your worst nightmare the next.
  • I cannot believe you are still reading this.
  • Shopping is the only stereotypical girly thing that I love doing.
  • I like it when books have hard covers because if somebody interrupts my reading I can smack them with it.
  • If you couldn’t tell by now I am a very negative person.
  • I am also very bipolar.



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